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SEO which is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is the process wherein you implement all the proper guidelines dictated by different search engines like the most popular one, Google. When you apply SEO on your website, you are inviting more traffic or visitors to check out your page through search results.

To begin with the optimization, you must be familiar with the Metadata such as Title, Description, Meta Tag, Keywords, etc. When you think of a title, it must be relevant to your brand or product. The whole title and description must be clear and concise because it will appear on the search engine when someone searches for the same topic.

Keyword is easy to understand and apply but you must keep in mind that you must not over-use it. In SEO, you need to research and analyze the most appropriate keywords to make sure it is effective. It plays a very important role in the visibility of your articles or blog posts.

Once they searched for your specific keywords, all the websites containing the same word in the content will appear on the list on search engine. If you abused the usage of keywords it will not help at all, your articles will only be marked as spam.

Search Engine Optimization is not that complicated only if you follow the rules on how to use it effectively. If you do it properly, expect for a positive result like making your website successfully optimized. Meaning, internet users will find your article and website upon search especially if it has a high rank or on top of the list.

You can monitor your results and statistics in Google Analytics to see the demographics or where the visitors come from and the real time traffic wherein you can view how many people are on your site on that exact moment.

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Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing emerges from time to time and all the changes and developments are made to benefit both the website owners and internet users searching on Google or other search engine.

One of the newest addition in SEO is called Structured Data. This is the process where everything is made easy to understand by the web crawlers or robots so your website posts will be all over internet and visible.

We all know that Metadata helps our websites to be displayed by the search engine through results like description and keywords but Structured Data is a different thing. It includes microdata where more specific, concise yet detailed words are added.

Structured Data is an exact category you can add when you put contents. People who knows HTML can manage this one very well but if you are not capable of using that markup language, you can use plug-ins, add-ons or webmaster tools to finally apply it.

That is a good news for website owners who are not into web development, but if you are still not familiar with these Content Management Systems (CMS), you may want to consider hiring a part-time web developer to train you in using tools.

Another advantage of structured data is it also enables search engine to understand the contents of your website and what is it all about. It enhances the web crawlers search for the most related articles on the internet to give the users more precise pages.

Because of the increasing new features in SEO, many people are thinking if keywords are still important in optimizing pages and websites. Well, as of now, it is still important but experts are analyzing if it will still be helpful sooner or later especially now that the new comers are hitting SEO with a great impact.

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If you are a techy type of person and you can follow and understand instructions by reading books or articles then maybe you can try it on your own. Some people are just gifted to learn complicated methods used in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

But, let’s admit it, some website owners are senior citizens who want to try digital advertising to help their businesses to have more clients and gain popularity on the internet. These business owners may not be too good when it comes to modern technology and they really need someone to help them organize, maintain and eventually understand how SEO works.

For website optimization and brand marketing, you can hire an SEO consultant who can help you with the basics of search engine and also with troubleshooting. But lately, more SEO features are being introduced like structured data or schema.

Compared to metadata, structured data is more difficult to use especially if you are not a web developer. It requires knowledge in HTML5 which is a complex language in programming. For non-developers, there are tools or plug-ins available for different Content Management System you prefer in able to apply structured data in adding contents on your website.

Metadata is easier to understand when you are a little techy. You can find websites with tutorial like SEO 101 articles and there are some internet marketers offering web seminars “webinars” to those who want to learn more about making websites successfully optimized on search engine and some techniques to do advertising online.

Whether you hire or not, it is important to learn even just the basics of SEO because if you want your website to be visible and be on the top rank,  you must follow the guidelines and know how to apply it.

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For some entrepreneurs, they do not apply internet marketing into their businesses because they cannot relate to the modern trends in business marketing and advertising. They do not fully understand what digital advertising and SEO is all about.

They think only the young generation can benefit from this new method and will only waste time if they do consider it. What they do not know is that they are missing a lot of opportunities from refusing to embrace internet marketing. Here are the main benefits of applying digital marketing to your business:

  • Cost – effective – when you know how to use SEO properly, you will be able to reach the top or at least be on the first page of the search engine. What happens if you’re on top? People who search for the kind of product or services that you offer will find your website and business name first. You have a bigger chance to get more clients from different places without exerting too much effort and not going to spend money for flyers and posters that will only go to trash right away.
  • Time-saving – you can market your business using the internet and be popular in a brief period of time without going to other places or hiring marketing clerks to distribute promotional materials.
  • Popularity – since SEO can make your brand appear to possible clients and your target audience, they will know about your business. Once you are on the first page of the search engine, your brand becomes popular and in demand. Being highly searched gives a good reputation that your business is reliable and trusted by many clients since not all business websites can make it to the top page unless SEO is successfully applied.

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