Should I hire an SEO specialist or do it by myself?

If you are a techy type of person and you can follow and understand instructions by reading books or articles then maybe you can try it on your own. Some people are just gifted to learn complicated methods used in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

But, let’s admit it, some website owners are senior citizens who want to try digital advertising to help their businesses to have more clients and gain popularity on the internet. These business owners may not be too good when it comes to modern technology and they really need someone to help them organize, maintain and eventually understand how SEO works.

For website optimization and brand marketing, you can hire an SEO consultant who can help you with the basics of search engine and also with troubleshooting. But lately, more SEO features are being introduced like structured data or schema.

Compared to metadata, structured data is more difficult to use especially if you are not a web developer. It requires knowledge in HTML5 which is a complex language in programming. For non-developers, there are tools or plug-ins available for different Content Management System you prefer in able to apply structured data in adding contents on your website.

Metadata is easier to understand when you are a little techy. You can find websites with tutorial like SEO 101 articles and there are some internet marketers offering web seminars “webinars” to those who want to learn more about making websites successfully optimized on search engine and some techniques to do advertising online.

Whether you hire or not, it is important to learn even just the basics of SEO because if you want your website to be visible and be on the top rank,  you must follow the guidelines and know how to apply it.

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