Understanding SEO

SEO which is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is the process wherein you implement all the proper guidelines dictated by different search engines like the most popular one, Google. When you apply SEO on your website, you are inviting more traffic or visitors to check out your page through search results.

To begin with the optimization, you must be familiar with the Metadata such as Title, Description, Meta Tag, Keywords, etc. When you think of a title, it must be relevant to your brand or product. The whole title and description must be clear and concise because it will appear on the search engine when someone searches for the same topic.

Keyword is easy to understand and apply but you must keep in mind that you must not over-use it. In SEO, you need to research and analyze the most appropriate keywords to make sure it is effective. It plays a very important role in the visibility of your articles or blog posts.

Once they searched for your specific keywords, all the websites containing the same word in the content will appear on the list on search engine. If you abused the usage of keywords it will not help at all, your articles will only be marked as spam.

Search Engine Optimization is not that complicated only if you follow the rules on how to use it effectively. If you do it properly, expect for a positive result like making your website successfully optimized. Meaning, internet users will find your article and website upon search especially if it has a high rank or on top of the list.

You can monitor your results and statistics in Google Analytics to see the demographics or where the visitors come from and the real time traffic wherein you can view how many people are on your site on that exact moment.

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